LearnYou can now discover more than you ever thought possible about your health and what makes you unique. Pathway Fit® can provide you with details about your genes and how they may impact your wellness. A simple saliva sample is all that’s required. Learn more…


Getting started is easy. If you’re interested in ordering Pathway Fit, discuss it with your existing health care provider. If you don’t already have a health care provider, search our directory of authorized providers near you. To get more information about Pathway Fit, we’re always available to you, so feel free to contact us.


Hundreds of individuals, just like you, have used the information from the Pathway Fit genetic test to make behavioral changes, gain insight in to their health and make informed decisions. Knowledge is power, and Pathway Fit can help empower you and your physician to make better health choices. Learn how other individuals have already made a positive change in their life…

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